Note: the Pueblo-Style adobe homes in Taos and Santa Fe, NM, were a copy
of the 1,000 year old adobe multi-story homes of the Pueblo Indians.
The Taos Pueblo, where you can today tour these ancient buildings,
 is a famous Indian Reservation within
the Taos city limits.

Pictures and Terms Explained

Below, picture of hard-plaster, coved ceilings with vigas and recessed lighting. Partial picture of our 12-foot ceilings in our Living/Dining Room combination,


Below is a sample of several of the home's "nichos," (carved out display places which show the depth of the walls.)There is a the high-intensity spotlight in this entry nicho to highlight artwork (here is a wood carving, called a Santo, meaning Saint in Spanish).

Features of Southwest architecture below:

Notice the "parapet" above. The raised portion above the roof line. This is a standard feature of adobe-style homes. The portal (porch) is attached at roof line.

Above are two corbels (hand carved in Taos). There are eight different styles to choose from.

Above is a "canale" to drain water from off the roof.


local scenery

NOTE: A traditional "Adobe Home" means the home is made of mud and straw. Although many homes in Taos are still made the traditional way by native artisans, our adobe-style home was made with high-tech "adobe" called ener-grid, perfected in Germany, and made of Styrofoam and cement blocks 10 inches thick and hollow. They were filled with concrete "grout" and reinforced with re-bar and set on a foundation that went down to the frost line. We enjoy R-40 insulation. The Styrofoam allowed us to hand shape the corners of the home for softness and the true custom adobe look. You cannot get this look with the traditional "stick house" (i.e., 2 x 4 or 2x6 or 2x8 construction as they call them in New Mexico) Traditional adobe would have to have 3 foot walls or more to give a possible R-30.

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