Horse Clubs & Staging Areas

Area Horse Clubs and Staging

(1) El Dorado Equestrian Trails Foundation (501c3) 5 Board Members and approximately 200 members 
Mission: To preserve, create, maintain and advance recreational trails for present and future use. Meets in Georgetown at IOOF Hall
on Third Thursday of the month.
 (530) 295-8085, about 10 minutes from Garden Valley. Many members of this organization are residents of Georgetown and Greenwood. Others members are from Garden Valley, Cool, Pilot Hill, Kelsey.

(2) The Divide Horseman's Assn meets the third Wednesday of the month at thee Greenwood Center, off Hwy 193 about 9 miles from Cool at Hwy 49.Divide Horsemen’s Association and the Georgetown Divide Recreation District have been holding ‘community  rides now for the last few months.   Folks have been able to enjoy some of our most beautiful riding trails with DHA ‘trail bosses’. ‘Just Ride’ is  open to the Divide and surrounding communities.  The idea is to have fun on the trails, to meet new people, and to have a date and time to ride with someone if you don’t have a ride buddy for that day.  DHA would also love it if anyone wants to join our club – as a by product of this ride opportunity.   All you have to do is meet and ride !  We will ask all who attend to merely sign a GDRD release and a DHA release, so we are all covered by the proper insurance on our ride.   Members, join us and bring a friend ! Check the website for dates of monthly rides. 

(3) For Auburn Lake Trails Residents, there are two Additional Horse Clubs, primarily for only ALT residents -- Silver Spurs and Cool Trailer Riders, club focusing on trail improvement and expansion.

Our Public Staging Areas

Garden Valley Staging - End of Meadowbrook Dr, off Hwy 193 at Bear Creek Rd.,
low-medium difficulty, leading to Dru Barner and then eventually to the Tevis Cup Trails (difficult); Room for about 7-10 trailers

Pilot Hill Staging: Cronan Ranch Public Trails, gentle and easy, along
American River and by Old Movie Set, about 8-10 miles of trails with loops. Very scenic, a few trees. Exit Hwy 49 off Pedro Hill Rd. Room for about 20-30 Trailers at present time. Great views of River (can ride down for watering horses) and meander next to creek through a few trees but mostly panoramic views of our gorgeous area. Truly bucolic.

Georgetown Airport Staging In Park/Camping area other side of runway. enter through fence and take dirt road to left. Room for about 7-12 horse trailers; also possibleovernight camping with bath and hot showers. Donations accepted. Please carry away all horse droppings.

Cool Staging, Olmstead Loop, off Hwy 49, behind the Cool Fire Station, (room for 30-60 trailers). Great trails, pehaps 20 miles with loops. Gentle trails, lots of scenery, oaks, creeks.

3rd Gate at Auburn Lake Trails, staging off Hwy #193 (room for about 7-10 horse trailers) Also, there is a small place to stage behind Northside School, with room for 3 horse trailers to ride the Olmstead Loop. 
This is 3rd Gate; if you get here you are 100 feet too far. See staging area picture to right. Here is where you park your rig (will hold about 3-5 rigs) to ride the trails around ALT to Western States Trails

Western States at the North Fork of American River, 1/4 mile before you get to the Bridge on Hwy 49, semi-steep road on right with room for about 4 horse trailers, come early. Enjoy a ride along the river; this is part of the Western States Trail.

There are a number of other staging areas, some more private,
that area horse people will share with new residents.